The Best Wooden Toy Box For Toddlers. A quick 4 Minute Read.

Best Toy Box For Toddlers

If you're looking for the most popular or best toy box for toddlers, you've come for the right place. We're going to compile a quick list of some wooden toy boxes that have been sold in the 1000's with raving reviews from parents.

They're sturdy, great quality and look perfect in your little toddlers room or even in the family lounge. Wherever you place your toddler toy box, it's going to help keep the house clean and toys in check.

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If you need to find out how to choose the right toy box for your child you can read this article.

The below are some popular toy boxes for toddlers that our customers have LOVED. Starting from the most popular best toy box at the top.

Personalized Maple and Birch Toy box

Our popular maple and birch personalized toy box is one of our top sellers. The personalization with multiple colors will make the toy box fit in perfectly with any type of kids room setting not to mention your child will love it!

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Personalized light brown toy box wooden


Austin Toy Box in Espresso by KidKraft

Maybe you're looking for a darker colored toy box? Something that fits in with the theme of your home?

Well then you can't go wrong with our Austin Toy Box in Espresso made by KidKraft!

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Limited Edition Honey Toy Chest

One of our lighter models that fits bright colored settings is our limited edition honey toy bench or honey toy chest.

Most wooden floor boards are honey colored so it should come to no surprise this style toy box is very popular!

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Dinosaur Toy Box

The best dinosaur toy box perfect for boys that just can't get enough of being a dinosaur. And that's almost every single one of them.

This box is a one of kind with beautiful artwork, solid and large enough to fit all your toddlers dinosaur toys.

Looking for the best toy box for your baby girl? Then here's a simple pink and vanilla personalized toy box. Remember you can buy them non-personalized too if that's what your family would prefer!

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Or maybe your little girl loves to be a little princess. In that case there's no better toy box than our Princess Toy Bench. It's royal, has a seat for a princess and can even hold a bunch of toys?
Handy AND loveable.



Baby boy toy box – what can little adventurers do with a toy box?

Boys are daredevils in nature – they simply “have” to inspect every nook and cranny in the home, they adore everything correlated to guns, and big toys are, without exception, their personal favorites.

That’s very cute, but we often forget that boys have a short attention span, especially when they’re having fun – as opposed to little girls who are extremely territorial about their toys (which they regard as legit property).

Again, this could appear cute to you from a distance, but you’d forget that an enthusiastic, sugar-rushed child will often leave quite a mess as it jumps from playing with one toy to another. It’s up to you, as a parent, to clean up any and all mess, and that can become quite a chore if you give it enough time.

So, why do these little gentlemen deserve a baby boy toy box? Will it drastically change things in your home environment? The shortest, as well as the most obvious answer would be plain – yes.

Children tend to get attached to stuff, especially new objects in their room. These little daredevils will grow fond of “that big thing” which houses their toys, and that’s not all – not only will they be content and happy with the new addition to their toy arsenal, they’ll figure out its purpose quite fast, and they’ll start taking more care about the toys littered across the room.

Baby girl toy boxes – every petite princess deserves a toy box of her own

While boys are known to be daredevils, girls are often mommies and daddies little princesses. They don’t make too much noise, they’re often more mature, but they’re every bit as childish when it comes to toys.

Namely, as they mature faster than boys, girls tend to get a better understanding of what “personal possessions” are before they even get to the age when it will really matter. Knowing this, our little princesses tend to stockpile and hoard numerous toys which, in the end, litter up our home’s floor just as if a boy was playing with them.

On the other hand, little girls are way more persuasive than boys. As a parent you’ve probably been in a situation when they cried out or puppy eyed something which was otherwise unattainable. That, of course, at the earliest stages of her life means one thing – more and more toys.

Knowing this, you’ve probably well aware of the fact that there’s no escaping it – moving a mountain with bare hands seems more doable than refusing that pair of beautiful little eyes.

So what can you do? You’re absolutely certain that the things might get even harder once the puberty hits, but there are, actually, some things you could do to help the issue – getting a toy box will at least take a load off your mind knowing that there won’t be too much issues with the cleanup.

Toy Box & Toy chest models – toy boxes and chests play a key role in the development of child’s life

A toy box is not just a “container” of your children’s toys. It’s safe to say that kids perceive toy box and toy chests as legitimate friends. The logic behind this is so very simple – kids love toys, and they’re bound to love whichever “keeps them safe” while they’re not playing with them.

What’s more, toy boxes are usually designed as big, spacious chests which children can, and will sit atop. Taking a breather once the hype of playing with the newest toys starts to fade is just normal, and you don’t want your kids falling flat on the floor once they run out of fumes – wouldn’t it be a lot cuter if you found them gently sleeping on a (more comfortable) chest?

As they grow, children will continue to use the toy box (or toy chest) you’ve purchased for them. They will not only learn how to storage things and keep them tidy, but will come to realize the importance of order which, combined with your proper parenting, will bring about a proper, well-formed man or woman.

Wooden toy box & personalized toy box models – plain and modern toy chests

Kid toy boxes and toy chests come in all kinds of sizes and shapes. Some are remarkably plain but beautiful nevertheless – such as Amish toy boxes, unfinished toy boxes, and such. Other models are sometimes referred to as “modern or personalized toy box models”.

If you’re really new to all this, a personalized toy box is the latest letter in child toy box industry – it’s basically a toy chest which will have your child’s name written on it in the size, font, and design of your choosing, of course.

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In essence, these are not so different from regular toy chests, but their impact on the child’s self awareness is huge. Namely, most parents tend to repeat the name of the child to it for months, even years until it responds. You could swat two flies with one hit if you purchased a personalized toy box, as your child will be prompted to learn to both read and understand its name at the same time.

Ending Remarks

Children are, without any doubt, the greatest treasure life could bestow upon us, and it’s no wonder that we want to please their every wanting and demand – especially when toys are in question, as they simply can’t resist them.

Even though little children don’t know exactly what it is they like about toys, they, however, know that they need as many as possible. Toy soldiers, dinosaurs, tanks, tigers, super heroes, super villains – you name it, and your child will immediately want it.

Logically, as parents we provide our children with the latter, thinking it’s the best course of action, but we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place when these toys start littering our homes. One of the possible solutions to this problem is quite simple – get a toy box and take a breather as your kid enjoy in its simple wonders.

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