8 Best Personalized wooden toy boxes for children

More and more people are looking to get their baby toy boxes personalized, and if you intend to follow up on the trend check out our review of the best children’s personalized toy box selection. We’ve rounded up some of the finest boys personalized toy box models, as well as the best cheap personalized toy box models the market has to offer, so all you have to do is kick back and take your pick.

The first baby toy chest personalized model in our top 8 selection is Personalized Maple and Birch Toy Box. This toy box is sturdy, fashionable, and comes at a rather affordable price. You’ll be able to choose between two fonts while personalizing this baby toy chest, although the color options are somewhat limited.

If you’re searching for a cheap personalized wooden toy box, our Limited Edition Toy Chest in Espresso will certainly be to your liking. It’s one of the best-selling ToyBoxCity toy chests, and it features a spacious storage compartment, a neat slow-close encasing mechanism, and more. It does weigh quite a lot, but it was built to last, so you can rest assured that it will withstand years of use.

Next up is our boys personalized toy box – the Solid Wood Toy Chest Personalized. It’s also available unfinished, so you can personalize it even further if you want. Even though it costs just a tad more than our previous pick, we can guarantee that it’s as valuable as it is beautiful. People who are searching for simplistic toy boxes should consider it.

Our fourth top personalized wooden toy box model is also one of our favourite cheap personalized toy box – the Personalized Limited Edition Honey Toy Chest is stylish, modern, and spacious enough to store plenty of toys for your little ones. It’s also a lot cheaper than most of our toy box models. We offer a wide array of color options and several fonts are at your disposal.

The fifth children’s personalized toy box we’re recommending to you is Personalized Limited Edition White Toy Chest. In essence, it’s a beautiful, plain, and spacious toy chest which comes supplied with a slow closing hinge, so make sure to not miss it out.

If you’ve liked what you’ve seen so far, it’s safe to say that you’ll absolutely love our Espresso Toy Box. It’s the single most beautiful toy chest in our selection, and even though it does cost a few bucks extra, it’s as valuable as can be.

The seventh childrens personalized wooden toy box we’re offering is one of the less expensive variants in our catalogue – the Personalized Honey Austin Toy Box is very straightforward, but beautiful nonetheless.

Finally, we’ve saved our last pick for the little princesses – the Pink Austin Toy Box is much similar to the white toy chest, coming with a nearly identical feature outfit, but in a different color. It’s also incredibly cheap, so if you’re a proud parent of a little girl, make sure to check it out.


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