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Sunny Safari Animal Toy Storage

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In a nutshell, our Sunny Safari Cubby Toy Bench is a beautiful animal-themed toy box which boasts a highly durable feature outfit, looks pretty nice, and doesn’t cost a fortune. Our toy bench organizes their toys and looks great too! Hand painted with bright and fun colors.




  • Measures 48 L x 14.75 W x 17.25 H. It’s not the biggest box in our catalogue, but it’s big enough to take care of your children’s toys, clothes, bedding, and similar smaller items.
  • Weighs 43 pounds. Getting it up to your child’s room might be tricky since it’s a bit unwieldy, but its durability compensates for its heaviness. 
  • Made of MDF (eco friendly) materials. Our Sunny Safari Cubby Bench is exceptionally sturdy, and what’s most important, all materials used in the construction process are environmentally friendly
  • Easy assembly – you won’t need anything apart some basic know-how and a screwdriver to assemble your Sunny Safari Cubby Bench
  • Ages 3 and up. Some of the edges (exceptionally the ones on the base) are just a bit rougher than the others, so the smallest children shouldn’t be left alone with this toy box bench.

Includes 3 hand painted, fabric bins

Both little girls and boys will love our Sunny Safari Cubby Bench – this toy box features several happy animal graphics, including a monkey dangling from a tree, a peeking lion, giraffe, and a panda. It’s plain, but great looking, so we hope you like it as much as we did.