Kids Makeup Kit For Girl, Washable 19 Pcs Makeup Kit, Girls Princess P
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Kids Makeup Kit For Girl, Washable 19 Pcs Makeup Kit, Girls Princess Play Pretend Gift

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This makeup kit is a wonderful gift for young girls. It's perfect for pretend play and practicing makeup skills. Your child can even have fun with siblings or friends by taking turns doing each other's makeup, or they can engage in imaginative role-playing activities.


Get the perfect makeup kit for your little girl! This set is great for pretend play, princess parties, play-dates, and more. It's perfect for beginners, novices, and experienced makeup artists. Whether it's for birthday parties, princess dress-up, or everyday fun, your child will love playing dress-up with these 19 pieces. The set includes a puff, lipsticks, nail polish, blush, eyeshadow, a folding comb, toe separator, nail file, lip gloss, nail stickers, makeup brushes, and a portable cosmetic bag with a mirror. Plus, it's safe and washable with a water-soluble formula that's non-toxic and skin-friendly. Your child can spend hours playing safely and looking like a beautiful princess. The cute little makeup case is perfect for organizing and carrying all the scattered cosmetic toys. It's convenient for travel and dressing parties, so your child can play with their beloved makeup toys anywhere. This kids makeup kit is a fun


Main Color: Pink

Product features: Non-toxic & Washable

Main Material of Products: Natural Pollen

Package size: 7.8"L x 3"W x 6.3"H

Weight: 1.5 lb

Package includes: 1x Blush; 1x Eyeshadow; 2x Lip Gloss; 2x Lipsticks; 2x Nail Sticker; 5x Makeup Brushes; 2x Puff; 1x Crown; 2x Lip Gloss; 2x Nail Polish; 1x Toe Separator; 1x Nail File; 1x Cosmetic Portable Bag with Mirro