Barrel Top Toy Chest in Cherry
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Barrel Top Toy Box - Cherry

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Basically, our Cherry Barrel Top Toy Box is among the most beautiful toy box models we have in store.

It looks attractive, if not even elegant with the cherry finish, but the looks are the last thing we intend to boast about when it comes to Cherry toy chest. Namely, it’s very, very sturdy, it is decently spacious, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

First of all, let’s start with the things you could like about our Cherry Treasure Chest Toy Box. It comes supplied with a lid that can be opened fully – we don’t want your children to accidentally snap their fingers while they play with their favourite new Cherry Wooden Treasure chest.

What’s more, we’ve equipped it with a safety hinge which will secure the lid safely in open position – this means that it will always close at a steady pace, negating the risk of your kid getting hurt by accident.

Our Cherry Toy Chest’s dimensions are 32.75 inches in length, 17.25 inches in depth, and 19.25 inches in height. There’s enough room for a few dozen toys, blankets, clothing of all kinds, beddings, and any other smaller items your kid needs. It weighs approximately 36 pounds which isn’t lightweight per se, but it’s certainly not as heavy as our bigger toy box chests.

Minor assembly, however, is required, so you’ll need a standard screwdriver to affix the nuts and bolts, but the process itself is simple.