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Unfinished Toy Box

Are you out in search of great toy boxes for kids? We have a broad catalogue of premium-quality kid toy chests, and among our vast assortment we have a couple of very special models – we’re talking about unfinished toy boxes.

Before we continue, don’t get the wrong idea – the “unfinished” doesn’t imply that they actually miss a part or two. They’re just not painted for a second time. What woodworkers and craftsmen call “finish” is the second, more aesthetic paint job, so that’s what we’re talking about here.

There’s a plethora of reasons why you should consider a wood toy box that doesn’t feature this so-called “finish”. First of all, the lack of it simply makes the toy box look a bit more natural. Even though kids seldom notice these small details, it might mean the world if you plan on adapting them to the ambiance of your home.

Surely enough, coloured baby toy chest models look more vivid, but as kids are very simple, so are the unfinished toy boxes. Finishes are almost exclusively performed with paint, so it’s safe to say that unfinished kid toy containers are hazard-free when compared to their “finished” counterparts.

Now, there’s a manifold of similarities between finished and unfinished toy boxes. For one, both types of baby toy chests can be customized and personalized – choosing a hip and cool font for your baby’s name inscription is just the first step in finding a fun toy box.

Secondly, both toy box categories are used for the same thing – they’re both made of high-quality wood materials that are capable of withstanding decades of use. However, we can only guarantee that such qualities are present in our products –  at ToyBoxCity we work long and hard to bring you the best personalized toy box models, and we all certainly hope your kid will like what we have to offer. Click on any item to see the features and all the specifics you need to know regarding your chosen toy box.

Just below the title, you’ll see the price of your toy box, the rating our customers have voted for, and just beside it you can check out the reviews of people who had a thing or two to say about our toy boxes.

Though unfinished, you can still choose a finish of your choosing in the sections below the price, as well as personalization and customization options, including the font, name, and more. There are many options for you to choose from, and that’s precisely the point of unfinished toy boxes – we want you to pick what you like, as you know best what your child wants and needs.

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