Toy Box Bench

If there’s one thing babies and little ones love, it’s toy box benches. When compared to a plain old toy box, a toy box bench provides more than simply a means of storage. We at ToyBoxCity have devised these beautiful little furniture pieces that your child can use to play with, store their toys, and even sit atop when they get fatigued from jumping around and about all day.

We offer a wide variety of toy box benches that are suitable for both baby boys and girls. Every little princess will love our Pink Wild Side bench while adventurous little men will have a large garage for their racecars with the Transportation II Toy Box.

If that’s not enough, our All Star Sports Toy box is one of the most fun toy storage containers out there. Looking for something on a plain, straightforward side? Our Little Colorado Solid Wood Bench is the one you seek.

Simply put, our catalogue is as big as our benches – take your time as you browse through our selection of the bench style toy box models, regardless of whether you’re looking for a girls toy box bench or a boys toy box bench.

But the fun does not end there – you’ll be able to further customize your experience with the toy box bench you want to buy. Simply hover above the model you like the most and you’ll see two options – a handy little “compare” button allows you to check out the prices and overall value of similar models, or simply click the “add to cart” if you’re satisfied with your purchase.

Are you, perhaps, looking to buy toy box benches that look classy and elegant? The ones that resemble real old-school benches? Our selection of the finest toy box benches includes several exquisite models from the “Simply Classic” line.

It’s safe to say that our toy box benches are much akin to other toys your child likes to play with. Nearly all models we have in store come equipped with interesting features that your child can have fun with – for instance the CoCaLo Alphabet Soup Toy Box comes with neat graphics that aren’t there just for show.

Each bench style toy box you see in our catalogue was made in America by some of the finest woodwork artisans our great country has. You can rest free of doubt and fear that our box benches are sturdy, durable, and completely child-friendly.

Moneywise, our toy box benches are, if we might add, quite affordable. Even the most expensive models cost as much as any regular (but plain) toy box you’d find. Knowing this, what’s the wait for?

Choose your favourite bench toy box, personalize it with your baby’s name if you want, pick a color you like the most, and compare the end result with other toy box benches we have to offer you. We had naught but quality in mind when we built these benches, and we sincerely hope your child will like what we’ve prepared.