Kids Play Kitchen Set
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Kids Play Kitchen Set

Kids simply love to imitate what their parents do with these kids play kitchen sets, and oftentimes they see mom in the kitchen making delicious dishes and want to join in the fun.

Since there are plenty of dangerous items in an actual kitchen (knives and hot oil more than anything), most parents usually forbid their children to come near in such cases. However, what if we told you that you can still give your little ones the opportunity to play kitchen without endangering them?

We’re talking about the Play Kitchens – a wide variety of KidKraft’s kids play kitchen set and wooden play set models. With any of the kitchen playset toys, your little prince or princess can have hours of fun with their little play kitchen.

There are all kinds of models for you to choose from, such as the Uptown Elite Espresso Play kitchen, Farm to Table play kitchen, and for those with a more traditional taste, even a vintage play kitchen.

Kids who really want to have the best possible experience should not miss out on the Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen. It features real lights and sounds, making it quite authentic and unique in many aspects.

Even though the vast majority of kids play kitchen toys and little play kitchen models are meant for both little girls and boys, there are a couple of models that were specifically made for little girls, such as the pink play kitchen for example. The specific wooden play set in question is Uptown Pastel Play Kitchen – a beautiful toy set for girls.

Frankly, there are so many models and different types of kitchen playsets that it might make you feel dizzy. The Little cook Work Station is a bit different since it packs a sing and real drawers, the Greenville Garden station is an outdoor all wood play station that can be used for gardening, and there are even a couple of Laundry play sets.

Some of the most exquisite models are the Kitchenette and 2-piece kitchen play sets, but that’s not even the beginning of it. There’s no limit to the things your little ones can do, especially if you add the Grocery Store Marketplace to the fun.

You can choose from classy retro looking kitchens and refrigerators to modern Uptown kitchen styles. On top of that, there are numerous color options at your disposal. Another exclusive model in KidKraft’s assortment is Disney’s Jr. Minnie Mouse Vintage Play Kitchen – a perfect kitchen set with Minnie Mouse graphics which was tailor made for Disney lovers.

If you fret about the sturdiness of these kitchen toys – don’t be. Each kitchen play set was made in the United States of America by a team of professional woodworkers.

These kitchens are all very robust and were specifically manufactured to be child-safe. These models are all fairly affordable, and the best of all – several children can play with a single kitchenette at the same time! Browse through the versatile catalogue of KidKraft’s kitchen play sets and take your pick.

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