Kids Dollhouses for 12 inch dolls by Kidkraft
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Kids Dollhouses for 12 inch dolls by Kidkraft

Essentially, 12 inch dolls are almost the same size as toddlers themselves, so it’s only normal that finding the right ‘home’ for them might not be such an easy task. There are all kinds of dollhouses on the market, but most of them are for 5-inch dolls. We offer you a huge selection of the ‘medium’ sized doll houses made by KidKraft.

First and foremost, let us mention what separates these doll house models from their smaller (and bigger) sisters. The ‘medium sized’ dollhouses are generally made with bigger rooms, obviously, but the graphics are also implemented on the walls in richer detail. There are all kinds of very special features you can expect to find in this category, such as doll lifts, staircases, and numerous ‘house levels’.

We offer a huge catalog of versatile dollhouses for 12 inch dolls, including the Kaylee Dollhouse, Charlotte Dollhouse, Savannah Dollhouse, Annabelle Dollhouse, My Dream Mansion, Kayla Dollhouse, and, of course, there will be a couple of honourable mentions as well.

The most basic, yet every little girl’s favourite is the Charlotte Dollhouse. It packs fourteen pieces of furniture and accessories, four levels, six rooms, and twin balconies. To top it all, the design is best characterized as ‘classic’.

Further down the road you’ll see the Kaylee’s Dollhouse – it does have only 10 accessories, but all of them are built with great detail and care. There are three levels and four rooms for your little one’s dolls, but there’s also a very entertaining gliding elevator so that your child’s dolls can move between rooms in style.

Amelia’s Dollhouse is so stylish that every tiny girl who sees it immediately falls in love with it. It was designed in pink and black, and it’s practically bursting with elegance. It packs three levels, four rooms, and a single balcony, but what’s best about it is the fact that it comes with a sliding elevator feature, which is very similar to that Kaylee’s Dollhouse comes supplied with.

We’d also like to point out our honourable mention in case you miss it out for some reason – the Disney Princess Ariel Land to Sea Castle Dollhouse. Almost every little girl loves the ‘Little Mermaid’ show, and imagine the joy you’d bring to your little one when she figures out she’s going to have Little Mermaid’s world as a toy. It packs 12 sea style accessories, three levels, five rooms, and a marvellous little balcony.

Overall, every one of our dollhouse models for 12 inch dolls is different when compared to the next one, and don’t be surprised if your daughter wants every single one of them. What they do have in common, though, is a remarkably robust construction. All of our KidKraft dollhouse for 12 inch dolls models are made of high quality wood and MDF materials, and of course, there are certain elements that are manufactured of plastic components and metal hardware. We wish you good luck in picking the best dollhouse for 12 inch dolls.

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