Kids and Toddler Dollhouses for Boys and Girls
Building a World of Playful Possibilities!

Kids and Toddler Dollhouses for Boys and Girls

If you are looking for baby girl dollhouse models, then you’ve certainly come to a right place. We offer a huge selection of kidkraft dollhouse models, boys dollhouse models, and baby girl dollhouse models for children of all ages.

Many little boys and girls have plenty of miniature toys for dollhouse, but actually lack the ‘house’ for their toys. If you have noticed that your little angels and daredevils tend to grow bored after a couple of hours of playing with their favourite ones, perhaps it’s time to give them a new toy that they could easily blend in with the rest (or the other way around).

Most of our products are mainly wooden dollhouse models, although different kinds of materials were used in the manufacturing process, such as MDF, plastic, and fabric. In our humble selection you’ll find a dollhouse for 3 year old kids, some of the best dollhouse for 4 year old kids, dollhouse for 5 year old kids, as well as dollhouse for 7 year old kids.

The difference is important because most of our products feature small accessories that toddlers can swallow, but you shouldn’t worry about it too much – we’ve labelled the age group for each product individually. Kids Craft Dollhouses have several things in common – we daresay that a lot of effort was put in the details, so that every dollhouse looks and feels different.

Some are bigger, some, such as the Kidkraft Large Dollhouse are huge, and some are medium in size. You can take into account the amount of space you have and the amount of toys your little ones possess before you make any further decisions. If you’re interested in the price of our dollhouse catalogue, you can rest easy knowing that there are models for everyone’s pocket.

Some of the budget models like Poppy Dollhouse and Chelsea Doll Cottage don’t cost less because they’re flimsier or less detailed – the reason why we include less expensive models is simply because some people don’t have the room for our larger ones (for which we’ve used more material, because of which they’re more expensive).

Now, durability wise, you might be thinking about how sturdy our dollhouses are. Of course, it’s only logical that you wouldn’t want to pay some $100 for a piece of wood which will eventually break. Now, even though our models aren’t impervious to damage, we’ve made sure that they are as robust as can be. Only the strongest types of wood and MDF were used for the base, while we’ve also used the sturdiest fabric for the accessories and such.

Speaking of accessories, they’re also the reason why our dollhouses differ from each other. Some of the most notable accessories you’ll find in our dollhouse models are various tables, stools, chairs, beds, lamps, pianos, and, of course, miniature fountains (without real water, though). We invite you to take a look at our catalogue of the best dollhouses on the market.

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