Kids Bedroom Furniture and Bed Frames

We’re introducing to you a wide selection of kids bed frame and toddler bed frame models from a company that specializes in children beds and furniture.

There’s the Dinosaur Toddler bed – a perfect bed for petite adventurers. One of the best things about it is that its graphics go pretty well with pretty much every possible combination of decor. Next up is the Airplane Toddler Bed. Basically, this is both a toy, a table, and a bed, and to top it all, it looks absolutely amazing.

If you are looking for a white toddler bed in particular, the Medieval Castle Toddler Bed will be the perfect choice for your little prince. Although there are dozens of kids bedroom furniture sets in a similar theme, the reason why this one stands out is because it looks great, feels very comfortable, and boasts a huge level of durability.

Speaking of which, more and more people are looking for wood toddler bed models. They’re easier to move around, easier to tinker with, and generally they’re pretty reliable altogether. That’s the reason why we recommend KidKraft toddler beds and children furniture models – each is made with great care by veteran professionals.

Perhaps your child wants something a little bit different, and if that’s the case, we recommend that you give Fire Truck Toddler Bed a shot. It’s one of the most exquisite models in the ‘toddler beds boys’ category, although who’s to say that girls can’t play fire fighters too?

Now that we’ve mentioned it, there are quite a few extraordinary models in the ‘toddler beds girls’ category as well. For instances, the pink Princess Toddler Bed is absolutely elegant and beautiful. It looks so gentle and tender that your little one will sleep ever so soundly.

Of course, there are more traditional looking models as well, such would be the Addison Toddler Bed and Houston Toddler Bed. Basically, these are down-scaled bed models that were designed after regular beds, with the small difference being that they’re a bit smaller in size.

There’s another model we’re all too glad to recommend to you, and that’s the Racecar Toddler Bed. Essentially, this is a marvellous looking toy-like bed that resembles an actual racecar. It can be used as a toy, it can be used as a bed when your little daredevil runs out of fumes, but it also has a neat little seat where your child can rest whenever he (or she) feels like it.

Last, but not least, we’d like to point out the fact that KidKraft children beds and furniture are all built to last. Each model looks very unique and exquisite, even the more traditional ones, and you can rest assured that your children are going to absolutely love it as much as we do!