Girls Dollhouses for 18 inch dolls
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Girls Dollhouses for 18 inch dolls

While we did talk about dollhouses for 12 inch dolls being almost the same size as a toddler, the 18 inch dolls are even bigger. If you’ve done any kind of research, you might notice that such doll houses are not that easy to come by.

Some are flimsy, others are very expensive, and certain models are way too large for regular apartments and houses. Though it is true that our selection of Dollhouses for the biggest dolls isn’t so vast, each model is unique and exquisite in every way possible.

Namely, our catalog only numbers the 18 inch Dollhouse Doll Manor and Breanna 18-inch Dollhouse so far, so we’ll go over these two in as much detail as possible.

It might be worth your while to note that both of the 18 inch doll houses in our catalogue are built from handpicked wood and MDF material. Though they are for dolls, they are built as if a regular person was intended to live inside (durability wise).

Big dolls weigh more, so we’ve made sure to reinforce the walls and floors with additional layers of MDF, so as to provide extra stability to the construction.

Although they might not look like they’re huge at first sight, both of these doll houses are over five feet tall. In fact, toddlers might even sneak inside if left unsupervised. Speaking of which, both the Dollhouse Doll Manor and Breanna’s 18 inch dollhouse feature tiny accessories, so you should keep toddlers away from the dollhouses.

In terms of price, the cheaper option is Breanna’s 18 inch dollhouse. It is in no way inferior, but there are just a couple of details and accessories less onboard in comparison to the Dollhouse Doll Manor. The Breanna’s 18 inch doll house packs three levels, four rooms, and a beautiful balcony for the dolls. It also sports a hanging chandelier, a winding staircase, and many other wonderful features.

On another hand, the 18 inch Dollhouse Doll Manor is slightly bigger. It comes supplied with three floors, four rooms, and a balcony, there are two sets of staircases onboard, and the artwork boasts superb detail. Both of these doll houses are made of MDF, Wood, Plastic, and Fabric materials and require minor assembly, although we will ship you neat step by step guides on how to do it.

Choosing between these two doll house models might not be as hard as choosing between 20 or 30 models from other categories, but they’re both very, very valuable for the cash. The scrollwork and graphics are substantially different on these two, and since the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it falls up to you to decide which one you think your child will like better. Regardless of which one you pick, we’re quite certain that you won’t regret the decision afterward – after all, KidKraft tends to make the best dollhouses and doll accessories on the market, so picking ‘wrong’ is actually harder than picking a right one.

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