Dollhouses for 5 inch dolls
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Dollhouses for 5 inch dolls

Little girls sure do love their little dolls, and five inch doll models tend to be in vast majority (in comparison to 12 and 18 inch dolls). We present to you our catalog of Dollhouses for 5 inch dolls and hope that you like what you see.

The Chelsea Doll Cottage is one of our absolute favourites. This doll house model looks very, very cute and it packs so many little details for your princess to explore. It packs three levels, five rooms, a balcony, windows that can actually be opened and closed, finely detailed artwork, and a remarkably durable construction.

What most of our KidKraft doll houses have in semblance is their smart, sturdy construction. Though they do look like toys, these dollhouses are manufactured from exceptionally robust materials. Some of them require some assembly, others don’t, but even in the case that they do, the process is fairly straightforward and simple.

As a matter of fact, these dollhouses are tailor made and designed for the smallest doll models on the market, but they’re actually pretty big themselves. They’re all made from solid wood, MDF, and plastic material, but due to the fact that metal hardware is present, we recommend that you keep a watchful eye on your toddlers if they come anywhere near the dollhouses.

The Pacific Bungalow Dollhouse is very different from the Chelsea Doll Cottage, mainly in terms of design. This dollhouse comes supplied with fourteen vibrant and colourful accessories, there are three levels and five rooms for your little girl’s dolls to have fun, a door that can be opened and closed, and, one of the most convenient features out there – a carry handle on the top. It’s among the most transportable and compact doll houses up to date.

As a matter of fact, it doesn’t even weigh that much. You won’t even need to assemble it, which is a major plus in the world of dollhouses (since most actually do require some assembly).

As beautiful as it gets, The Abbey Manor Dollhouse is one of the most breath taking dollhouses for 5 inch dolls out there. It sports 16 beautiful accessories, three levels, five rooms, and a removable porch. To top it all off, it even features expandable hinges. We did mention the removable porch, and what’s best about it is the fact that your child can customize her experience with her brand new dollhouse as she sees fit.

Lastly, we recommend that you don’t skip out on the Enchanted Forest Dollhouse. It’s one of the most unique and exquisite models we have in our catalog, mainly because its design is not the conventional ‘straight up doll house’, rather it’s practically laid down in a horizontal position. This doll house comes outfitted with 16 ultra cute accessories, there are seven rooms spread across two levels, and it packs such a design that you can simply put the ends together to close it (or pull them to open it).

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