Rock a My Baby Toy Box
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Rock a My Baby Toy Box

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We present to you the “Rock A My Baby Toy Box Bench” – one of the finest toy box benches we have to offer. It’s meant for the tiniest of princesses, and we can guarantee that your little angel will fall in love with it as soon as she lays her little eyes on it. We can be bold enough to say that Rock A My Baby Toy Box is a cute pink toy box that every little girl deserves, so mommies and daddies, what are you waiting for? Get your Rock A My Baby Toy Box Bench today at a staggeringly affordable price of $199,99!

Our Rock a My Baby Toy Box has a sweet design with roomy storage compartments for both "Mommy" and her little one! Your little sunshine can rest atop it once she’s played with her toys, and after that, there’s enough space in the Rock A My Baby Toy Box Bench to fit both her and her toys. The spacious toy compartment is, perhaps, the best feature this toy box is outfitted with.

This toy chest features a slow-closing metal safety hinge – we don’t want your little angel to get hurt, so we’ve devised a way for her to close the lid without ever hurting her little fingers.

Total height of Rock A My Baby Toy Box Bench: 28". Actual box dimensions are as follows: 32 inches in length by 13 inches in width by 16 inches in height. Assembly required.