Kids Waffle Maker Play Toy Set
Kids Waffle Maker Play Toy Set

Kids Waffle Maker Play Toy Set

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Is there anything that spells ‘breakfast’ better than ‘waffles’? For some its eggs and bacon, others like to have a nice cup of coffee, but waffles – they’re universally the best breakfast meal, period.

Now, as much as you might like them, imagine how much your kids might too. We present to you the KidKraft’s Waffle Play set – a beautiful toy like set that was tailor made for little chefs in the making. In fact, this might be the simplest KidKraft food toy available on our catalog.

It doesn’t come packed with a plethora of versatile features, but the ones that are on the list are all exquisite and very authentic. KidKraft’s Waffle Play Set sports a wooden (although it looks like it’s made from actual metal) waffle maker, a couple of traditional (toy) waffles, a bat of sweet butter, and a bottle of waffle syrup.

Making waffles is super easy, but playing with the Waffle Play set is even easier. There’s a total of nine pieces in the Waffle Play Set, with the four of them being the waffles themselves. This is a perfect addition to the 27 piece cookware play set, the Tasty Treats Chef Accessory Set, and numerous other KidKraft toy sets.

There are so many possibilities for young imaginations to run wild, and we’re doing our best to provide your children with the opportunity to have as much fun while learning about cooking at the same time.

The Waffle Maker is so small that it will barely hold up any of the counter space. Actually, its dimensions measure 6,25 inches by 8 inches by 1,75 inches. It’s made from very durable Plastic and MDF materials, so you can rest assured that your kids won’t destroy it in the first couple of months, years even.