Kids Toy Baking Set by KidKraft in Espresso
Kids Toy Baking Set by KidKraft in Espresso

Kids Toy Baking Set by KidKraft in Espresso

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In order to become a great chef, the little ones have a lot to learn before they can actually make a real meal. Children who’ve shown interest in the art of cooking and baking are always first in front of the TV when 24 Kitchen is on, they always ask their moms for recipes and what not.

However, kitchen can be a nasty place for children, so they rarely get to see what goes on behind the scenes – how their favourite cookies and cakes are made. Little guys and girls will be so thrilled to hear that finally they can participate in the kitchen while mommy and daddy are baking.

We present to you the Baking Set Espresso – KidKraft’s baking toy outfitted with various toy like baking accessories. Essentially, there are very little differences between the Espresso and Pastel Baking sets, most of which are aesthetic in nature.

While the Pastel Baking Set variant features more vivid colors and aims to be as fun as possible, the Espresso Baking Set is slightly more educational, in a sense.

First of all, this toy like baking set comes outfitted with sugar cubes, some eggs, flour, milk, and a wooden paddle that can be raised or lowered down into the mixing bowl. Even though this is just a toy, we wanted to provide the most interactive, most authentic experience possible.

One of the best things about the Espresso Baking Set is the fact that it’s perfectly safe to use. It’s made of MDF and plastic materials and is actually quite small, with its dimensions being 7,25 inches by 4,25 inches by 9 inches. It’s actually quite compact and sports the ‘space saver’ design – we wanted to provide your little chef with the option to utilize several KidKraft food toys at once.