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Gettin' Around Toy Box Bench

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This particular model is one of the finest toy box benches we have in our selection of goods. We didn’t name it “Gettin’ Around Toy Box” by accident – it features a beautiful landscape graphic featuring a tractor, a jet, several boats, and a train (without rails, though, so as not to confuse the little ones).

Basically, the idea is to help your kid “get around” and figure out what means of transportation are in the most creative way possible – the tractor is heading in the opposite direction of the train while the boats are in the middle right below the jet, so you could easily use this to teach your child the cardinal directions (north, east, south, west).

Gettin' Around Toy Box Bench features a roomy bench seat with skyline seat back – the back is rather comfortable and there are several airplanes and clouds that look goofy and fun, to say the least. With plenty of storage for vehicles, toys, beddings, and other smaller items, you can rest assured that your kid’s room will never again be littered with toys (or at least not as severely or frequently littered).

The total height of our Gettin Around Toy Box is 26 inches. Actual box dimensions are 31 inches in length by 13 ½ inches in width by 11 ½ inches in height. Minor assembly is required, although you could pull it together with a simple set of tools (such as a screwdriver and a small hammer).