Espresso Toaster Toy Set for Kids
Espresso Toaster Toy Set for Kids

Espresso Toaster Toy Set for Kids

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There are so many types of toys children can play with, be it Action Man figures, Barbie dolls, toy guns, swords, or little toy soldier figurines. Now, here we’re looking at something slightly different from ‘conventional’ in a sense – the KidKraft’s Espresso Toaster Set.

Basically, this little toy set is comprised of a toy like butter knife, a toy toaster, a toy jelly, and, one of the best features of the Espresso Toaster Set is sliceable butter piece. Of course, it’s a toy as well, but it was designed in such a way that it can be sliced and then put back together very easily.

This is a very interesting toy if your little one is fond of watching you cook and prepare meals, and especially so if he (or she) always wanted to take part in the process, but never could due to safety reasons. What’s more, the KidKraft’s Espresso Toaster Set is best used with other toy like culinary items, such as the Pizza Play Set, Deluxe Cookware Set, and Tiered Celebration Cake, for example.

There are so many interesting little culinary toy pieces in the KidKraft’s arsenal that can be used with the Espresso Toaster Set. It’s safe to say that imagination is all your little one needs to have hours of fun with the Espresso Toaster toy set.

Now, we’d like to mention that this toy set isn’t really suitable for children and toddlers under the age of three because there are several very small pieces that can be easily swallowed by accident.

Construction wise, the Espresso Toy set is fairly petite, measuring 7 inches by 3 inches by 6 inches. It’s made entirely from durable MDF materials, so it’s not exactly a toy that will break down on you after a couple of months.