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Dinosaur Toy Box

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Kids absolutely adore dinosaurs – we’re not sure why, but we know it to be a fact. Knowing this, we’ve commissioned a team of experts to carve out the most exquisite toy box chest type and paint a joyful dinosaur strolling through the grassy landscape.


Even though they were historically bigger, the dinosaur painted on our Dinosaur Toy Box chest takes up more than half of the front end, and we guarantee that your kid will be simply enthralled by it.

Our Dinosaur Kingdom Wooden Toy Chest doesn’t cost a fortune, and we highly recommend it to every parent whose children had shown a taste for animals, history, or dinosaurs in particular.

This colorful wooden toy box is hand carved and hand painted in a playful dinosaur theme – the colors are vivid and soothing, to say the least, and by simply looking at the chest (on their way for toys) your kids will most likely calm their rebellious spirit if they were unruly up to this point.

Our toy chest not only offers a solution to storing all those toys, but it also looks great in any room – even though our Dinosaur Kingdom Wooden Toy Chest is rather large and spacious, it won’t take up too much space if positioned correctly. Features:

  • Hand painted
  • Hand carved
  • Sturdy MDF construction
  • Equipped with slow-close safety hinge
  • Finger cut outs for safety
  • Measures 27.75" H x 15.75" W x 31.88" D. Weighs 16.5 lbs.