Dinosaur Toddler Bed Frame kids

Dinosaur Toddler Bed Frame kids

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If your child already loves dinosaurs and T rex themed topics, it might be the time to consider getting a kids dinosaur bed. Of course, we all know that kids are like sponges – they absorb every little idea that comes to their tiny minds, but in case they really are into Jurassic Park styled stuff, a childrens dinosaur bed might be something that will make them as happy as they’ve ever been.

The model we had in mind for you is Kidcraft’s Stegosaurus dinosaur toddler bed frame, a beautiful bed that’s a perfect addition to virtually any kind of theme you have in your children’s bedroom. With several dinosaurs onboard, your kid will be able to harness the thrill it got from all the movies and cartoons he (or she) watched, and what better way to make it all a fun, vivid experience than by having a dinosaur toddler bed?

We have to mention that this bed isn’t just for show, though. It’s made of extremely robust all wood materials, and it also has a pair of ‘bumpers’ that will keep your child from falling off the bed. In a nutshell, it’s absolutely staggering in terms of aesthetics, it’s very durable, and it’s fairly safe to say that every child would love to sleep in it.

With the Stegosaurus headboard, built in storage, and a sturdy construction, there are simply so many benefits to be had, all at a very affordable price.

  • Dimensions: 76" x 45.25" x 21.75"
  • Materials: MDF, Plywood