Firefighter Toy Box Bench | Toy Box City
Firefighter Toy Box Bench | Toy Box City
Firefighter Toy Box Bench | Toy Box City

Firefighter Toy Box Bench

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Our Firefighter Toy Box features a unique firehouse design with hydrant finials, working bell and ladder design arms. Even though this children’s fire station toy chest looks very interesting, it doesn’t have a singular purpose – firstly, it’s spacious enough to hold a huge amount of toys for your child, but secondly, it will keep your kid occupied for hours.


We all know how kids are little daredevils – they could jump on and about for hours without getting tired one bit – that’s why we’re recommending you to at least consider this firefighter toy box bench, as it will provide your child with a huge storage for his (or her) toys and hours and hours of fun.

A tiny firefighter and trusty Dalmatian pup slide up and down the two fire poles and there is a large sliding door so fire trucks and other vehicles can “drive” right up the ramp and into the fire station.

This toy box has a slow-closing metal safety hinge – one feature we’re adding to nearly all our Toy Box models. Children’s safety is our top priority, and we want you to know that our Fireman Toy Chest is completely child safe. It’s made of highly durable handpicked and engineered materials, the graphics are painted with lead-free colors, and it even features a neat little toy firetruck.

Dimensions are as follows:

Total height: 26 inches.
Actual box dimensions: 32 inches in Length x 13 inches in Width x 16 inches in Height.

Assembly required.