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Fairy Wishes Toy Box Bench

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Fairy Wishes Toy Box Bench features a charming bench seat with fanciful fairy seat back. There’s a special message which begins on the seat and ends by the bottom which reads: “Wishes for Sparkles and Giggles and Smilies, and Swirlies and Whirlies for sweet little Girlies!”.

It’s obvious enough that our Fairy Wishes Toy Box Bench is meant for little princesses, and we’re proud to say that Girls Fairy Toy Chest is our favourite toy box for girls model. This toy box has plenty of storage for toys, books, and all the special things your young one needs. Our toy chest is equipped with a slow-closing metal safety hinge – we don’t want your kid to accidentally snap her fingers, and this feature will ensure that never happens.

The total height of the Fairy Wishes Toy Box Bench is 26 ½ inches – it’s a bit taller than most our standard toy box models, but that’s due to the raised back seat. The actual box dimensions are: 31” L x 13 ½” W x 11 ½” H.

Fairy Wishes toy box wishes your child to have the most exquisite experience with her toys – we’ve made sure to pick the gentlest of colors, and our team of graphic designers have, if we can be bold enough to say, designed to fairies to look as “realistic” as possible. Lastly, assembly is required – simply use a screwdriver to attach the parts together, and don’t worry, you won’t need any special skills or tools to do so.