Kids Play Toaster Toy Set in Pastel Pink
Kids Play Toaster Toy Set in Pastel Pink

Kids Play Toaster Toy Set in Pastel Pink

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Most doctors agree that breakfast is the most important meal for the entire day. It gives us energy to do our tasks and chores especially for kids with this pink toy toaster, it gives us freshness in the morning, and, most importantly, it somehow tastes the best.

Knowing this, we’ve come up with a very interesting solution for parents whose kids get all energetic from the early morning, who want to make breakfast with mommy.

We present to you the Toaster Set Pastel – one of KidKraft’s finest toy food inventions. Most toddlers and little ones are forbidden to play around with actual toasters – they’re dangerous to handle, and no matter how much your little guy or girl wants to whip something up for you to eat in the morning, you’re right to forbid them from playing around with it.

However, KidKraft’s solution offers a very convenient alternative. Namely, now your kids can play around with this make believe toaster and get a portion of your experience through it.

The Pastel Toaster Set comes outfitted with a neat little toy butter knife, some jelly, a stick of sliceable butter, and some toy bread. Although the toy itself is very simplistic by design, the sliceable butter seems to be very interesting for kids.

The fact that they can play around with a toaster after so long is very fun, but to be able to ‘slice up’ their toys (and, of course, bring them back together later) does sound entertaining.

The Toaster Set Pastel is pretty small and very inexpensive, so it should be a perfect gift for your little one’s next birthday. Its actual dimensions measure 7 inches by 3 inches by 6 inches. It’s completely made out of MDF materials, and even though it’s just a toy, it’s pretty robust and very, very durable in turn.