Kids Cupcake Stand with Cupcakes Toy
Kids Cupcake Stand with Cupcakes Toy

Kids Cupcake Stand with Cupcakes Toy

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Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, you surely do love cupcakes.Everyone does – they’re the pinnacle of sweetness right next to the doughnuts and pancakes. Now, if anybody loves sweets, it’s the children – they have a knack for sweets more than any other age group, and that’s a fact.

We present to you KidKraft’s Cupcake Stand with Cupcakes. It’s basically a toy stand atop which your little chef can arrange, mix, and match several cupcakes with different toppings. The tops of the cupcakes are removable and there’s a total of 13 pieces.

That means that there are virtually limitless options and combinations of ‘flavors’ the little chefs can search for. The KidKraft’s Cupcake Stand with Cupcakes is best used in combination with other KidKraft items we offer, such as the Waffle Play set, for example.

Not only do the cupcake toys look extremely tasty and delicious, but the same can be said for the actual stand. In terms of sturdiness and durability, the KidKraft’s Cupcake Stand with Cupcakes is made of MDF and solid wood materials.

It’s purposefully built to last, and we are very optimistic and realistic at the same time by saying that it will withstand years and years of use. Its dimensions are 6,75 inches by 6,75 inches by 5,25 inches, and due to the fact that the tops are small and removable, we suggest that you keep them away from toddlers under 3 years.

In fact, if your little one finds it uninteresting and decides to play with the cupcakes alone, you’ll still have a very beautiful and stylish for your actual cupcakes and sweets. There’s only one problem, though.

These cupcake toys were made with great detail in mind, so if you ever wake up and start looking for something sweet, make sure not to munch on them by accident.