CoCaLo Jungle Jingle Toy Box | Toy Box City
CoCaLo Jungle Jingle Toy Box | Toy Box City
CoCaLo Jungle Jingle Toy Box | Toy Box City

CoCaLo Jungle Jingle Toy Box

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If you’re looking for a big, spacious toy box bench with a back seat, then you should look no further. The CoCaLo Jungle Toy Box is a perfect solution for parents with kids who like animals, as it features a beautiful graphic comprised of a cute little giraffe, a bird, and a friendly alligator!



There are even two spinning jingle bell drums which could be used to bolster your kid’s fun even further! Overall, the Jungle Toy Box is very large, and it could storage virtually every toy your kid has in his (or her) arsenal.

Our Jungle Toy Box coordinates with CoCaLo Baby Jungle Jingle Collection and looks great in any jungle or safari themed room. It comes outfitted with the following features:

  • Fun backrest includes 2 spinning “jingle” bell drums - they’re very easy to use and are completely harmless
  • A special poem which should inspire your kid to learn more about jungle animals: 
  • “The little red monkey swingin’ from a tree 
  • Says ‘Come on friends, make music with me!’
  • Lion, zebra, alligator – one, two, three
  • All playing Jungle Jingle, happy as can be!”
  • Our toy box has a slow-closing metal safety hinge – regardless of how much strength your kid puts into closing the lid, it will always come down slowly due to this feature
  • Assembled dimensions are as follows: 31 inches in Length by 14.5 inches in width by 23 inches in height
  • Minor assembly required with a screwdriver