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Transportation II Toy Box

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We present to you our Transportation Toy Box – one of our finest toy box chests which features a neat little graphic which depicts modern modes of transport (a car, train, an airplane, and a truck).

The transportation theme is hand-carved into the wood and then hand painted by our team of professionals – even though the graphic appears all too innocent and plain, we’ve deliberately made it to be so, appealing to the imaginative side of kids to do the rest.

This toy box has a great design for boys who love things that go vroooommm, with the exception of the airplane, of course. Generally, we intended our Transportation Toy Box to be amusing and fun to play with, but its real purpose lies in the spacious storage compartment it’s outfitted with.

The doors are easy to open and won’t slam shut down on your kid, preventing accidents from happening, and there’s plenty of space inside for clothing, bedding, little toys, as well as for some larger ones if need be. It’s completely child friendly, which means that it’s perfect for kids of all ages – the edges are smooth, and no matter how little your young one is, it won’t hurt himself (or herself) easily.

There are two carry holes on each side which will help you carry your Transportation Toy Box from place to place – they especially come in handy if your child’s room is on the second floor (or higher).

Dimensions: 32.5 x 15.5" x 26.75". Assembly required.