How To Choose The Best Toy Box For Your Children

The Best toy boxes for your children – children’s treasured chests laden with fun and joy. Every kid should have one, as these neat little furniture pieces aren’t just wooden storage bins – they’re much more than that.

Some kids play with them, others learn the value of keeping things neat and tidy, but most importantly, toy boxes are every child’s necessity. We are always too happy to show you what toy boxes can bring you, and this article will guide you through everything you need to know about them – starting from plain buying guides, over specialized toy box models, to answering some questions people usually bring up. Without any further ado, let’s get straight to it.

What to look for when choosing a toy box

Most people think that choosing a toy box is easy. It could be if you knew precisely what you wanted, what your child wanted (and needed), and all of that in accord with the wishes of your significant other, your wallet, and what not. Of course, as we begin to segment the matter, you’re probably starting to notice that the issue is far from easy.

This section is dedicated to the things that you ought to look out for when choosing the toy box for your little one. Let’s begin with the very basic stuff.

First and foremost, your child’s safety is the number one priority -ToyBoxCity offers a huge catalogue of premium-quality toy boxes, and you can rest assured that  each model passed through rigorous safety and health-hazard checks (sharp edges, splinters, etc).

Secondly, we let you pick both the color and the finish of the toy box you intended to buy – each model comes in a plethora of colors and styles, and you can even buy an unfinished box and style it as you wish!

Thirdly, we offer a wide variety of toy box types – there are big toy boxes, toy boxes for boys, toy boxes for girls, storage furniture, toy box benches, and such. Don’t pay too much heed for the price – we pride ourselves on the fact that most (if not all) our toy boxes are decently affordable, at the very least. Lastly, don’t hesitate to be creative and try new things – you can personalize almost every model in our catalogue.


The cutest baby boy toy boxes on the internet

hey start having their fun, you’ve a lot to learn. Toys littering every corner of the place, little bobbing heads zapping from one spot to the next, and an atmosphere of sweet innocence that envelops it – that’s just your average casual Tuesday in any day of any parent.

Now, is there anything you could do to, somehow, make this a bit more bearable for you? Of course, you could always scold your little one, or invest hours and days in what would seem trivial at start, but kids just want to have fun, so why not simply let them? There is a way to help your kid understand the value of keeping things tidy without ruining the joy it takes in throwing toys all around – we’re talking about baby boy toy boxes.

You’ve certainly heard about them, or at least have seen them in movies – the toy chests found in every kid’s room in virtually every family/comedy film. As a parent, it must be hard to keep track of all the things your young one needs, but we’re here to make it just a bit easier on you.

ToyBoxCity offers a huge selection of the cutest baby boy toy boxes, so all you have to do is just take a gander at our catalogue of the most exquisite toy chest models for boys.

Baby girl toy boxes that will make you go aww

Little girls, whether they are daddies little princesses or strong, independent little women, like to play just as much as little boys do. Of course, toy boxes for girls are very different than models intended for tiny males, and what better way to see these petite differences than by checking out our catalogue of the best baby girl toy boxes?

There are all kinds of baby girl storage chests and toy boxes – all kinds of shapes, colors, and designs for you to choose from, but the cutest ones found on our menu of the best toy box for girls are bound to bait out a smile from even the strictest of moms and dads.

The Princess Toy Chest, for example, is the most exquisite of baby girl toy chests. It looks regal and luxurious, but it’s also very sturdy. As “safety first” is our prime policy, we’ve also made sure to introduce several safety features, such as the removable seat cushion, as well as slow-closing safety hinge.

If your little girl likes plain and simple stuff more, we have something that fits that description as well. Namely, there are several models in our catalogue which belong to the Limited Edition such as this one – it looks very plain, and we can safely guarantee that your little darling will absolutely love it.

Girl Toy Box Pink


What Personalized toy boxes can teach your children

Plainly put, personalized toy boxes are toy box models which feature a printed text – the format, font, style, and even color of the text is entirely up to you if you intend to buy a personalized toy box from ToyBoxCity. There are all kinds of personalized toy boxes – finished or unfinished, painted or bare, normal or bench-style models, you name it.

Now, you should be aware of the fact that personalized toy boxes aren’t just for show – they can be very useful when it comes to teaching your kid some very important things. We can all agree on the fact that children’s education is the single most important thing in every parent’s life, so how exactly can a personalized toy box play its role in the current situation?

In essence, the answer is quite simple. Every personalized toy box holds a message – more often than not, it’s the child’s name. Now, every time your kid reaches out for a toy, they’ll be able to read the message if they’re able, or simply memorize the pattern which will rest deeply embedded in their mind. Kids absorb knowledge and information like a sponge, so a personalized toy box will most certainly play a key role in helping your child develop a sense of self, as it builds up its identity.

Apart from that, it will have the opportunity to learn the basic colors and letters in the most creative way possible – most toy boxes are stationed in the child’s room, so there will be no avoiding it if your kid wants to play.

When are big toy boxes the right choice

The word “Big” standing right next to the pair of words such as “toy box” is usually not so appealing to most parents. That means that these boxes are bulky, hence harder to move around, tougher than regular so your kid might hurt even easier, they’ll take up more space.

So, is there any real value behind big toy boxes? Should you even consider buying them? Absolutely – the only question is in which situation are these boxes good and valuable? Well, there are several situations, but we’ll point out only the most notable ones.

First of all, a big toy box will mean that your child will have more room for toys – if you’re one of those parents that simply can’t say no to your kid, that means that you have a full room (or even several of them, for that matter) of toys and simply don’t know what to do with them (all the while shunning the sheer thought of throwing them away).

The next situation involves your child’s adventurous spirit – if your little one is prone to exploring every nook and crevice when you take him (or her) outside, you can be 100% sure that it will like to play inside the bigger toy box you’ve provided.

Lastly, one big toy box could even take up less space than two separate toy boxes, so you should most definitely consider buying a big toy box if you have two (or more) children.

Large Toy Box

Are wooden toy boxes the best toy boxes?

There’s a lot of different brands and manufacturers that are making all kinds of models – some from simple plastic, others from metal, wood, and what not. Now, the question is – what material is actually the best when making toy boxes?

Before we continue with this section, there's another great article released by Toy Box City on the best Wooden Toy Boxes for your Toddler.

We all know that plastic doesn’t warp, as it tends to break faster than any other build material, so let’s scratch that off the list. Metal, on the other hand, is extremely sturdy, but is it child friendly?

Of course, the answer is a big no – there are all kinds of ways, both predictable and unpredictable, that kids tend to discover when getting in harm’s way, so we don’t really want to add a plus one there, do we? Now, wood seems like a best compromise between sturdiness and safety, right?

Well, people tend to think that wood is pretty good for toy boxes, or better yet, kids specifically, but there are concerned parents who claim that kids can still get hurt when using toy boxes – splinters, or even blunt trauma could happen anytime.

Well, if you’re going to go with this logic, you might as well remove all your furniture pieces and upgrade to synthetic, cotton-padded kitchen, rubber-laced bathrooms, and such. The answer is to our former question, and this should even go without saying – yes, wood is absolutely the best material for toy boxes.

Wooden Toy Boxes Personalized

What are unfinished toy boxes and when to buy them

Unfinished toy boxes are the most plain toy box models we have in our catalogue. Basically, an unfinished box doesn’t feature any kind or form of finish – no lacquer, special color, or anything like that.

Surely you’re thinking “so what’s the point in buying one when I can simply get a finished toy box for my kid?” – again, this question is on point, but the answer is as plain as these boxes are. Basically, an unfinished toy box leaves you with the opportunity to finish it yourself. If you’re a woodworker, an artist, or simply that kind of person who wishes to personalize the toys your kid has, these unfinished boxes will be ideal for you.

For starters, artistic parents could do a better job than even the most skilled toy box finisher – it would be your expression of the picture you want your child to see and perceive it as such.

On the other hand, if you deem your child as artistic, you could just grab a pack of crayons and let it explore its creative side. There’s no limit to things one could do with unfinished toy boxes, so they should at least be considered as an option.

Last, but certainly not the least, most unfinished toy boxes are much cheaper when compared to finish models. It’s only obvious, as there’s no point in charging you for something that we didn’t actually do, but don’t count this act as omission – we’ve deliberately introduced unfinished toy boxes to our catalogue so that your options are wider and more flexible.

Toy box safety tips and how to avoid accidents with soft close toy boxes

The term “Soft-close” regards the mechanism by which most our toy boxes operate. It’s just what you think – it means that the lid of our toy boxes can be easily shut without the unnecessary slamming, for as long as it’s used properly.

Now, kids tend to learn things faster than anyone, but they also seem to forget what doesn’t interest them – no matter how much effort we put into making a completely child-safe mechanism, there will always be a slim chance that your child might end up hurting itself. In order to prevent that, we offer several tips that will help you avoid any and all accidents.

Firstly, your child will spontaneously figure out that the “door/lid on its new box isn’t like any other lid”. This will mark it as “interesting”, so it’s your job to make this feature as dull and boring as possible.

This might not sound too reassuring to you, but there are means to trick children into believing that something unreal is, in fact, real (just like Santa Claus). Apart from that, do regular checkups on the mechanism – the screws might loosen up a bit after periods of time (they oxidize, which is sadly unavoidable), and replacing them shouldn’t be too hard. Lastly, and this one might seem the least conventional, use a sanding machine to sand the edges if they appear too sharp.

toy box safety


What to keep in mind when Assembling your Children's Toy Box

The only important thing when assembling your children’s toy box is that you don’t misplace a part or two. If the construction isn’t stable, it could fall straight down, and that’s a health-hazard you could live without. For starters, check if the toy box in question requires nailing or simply putting things together.

In the first case, use the corresponding nails, but don’t use either smaller or bigger ones. Big ones will have the pointy ends sticking out, smaller ones will contribute to the failing construction.

If you simply need to put several pieces together (with glue, or by simply rearranging the pieces as if playing Tetris), the issue is much easier. Again, we wish to accentuate the need of doing things right – every part you receive has a place, every tool you use should do its purpose (e.g. don’t use duct tape to solve problems otherwise unsolvable), and only the perfect end result should be settled for.

These tips might not appear as helpful, but they’re warnings and guidelines rather than actual tips – every toy box is assembled in a different way, as it comes with a different set of pieces and following accessories.


Is a toy box bench the right toy box for your child?

Actually, “is a toy box bench the right toy box for your child” is a good question.

There are a lot of people who don’t even notice the difference between a plain toy box and a toy box bench while others, more observant ones, usually think that the minor differences aren’t worth the buck. Of course, the third case involves parents who are scared that their kids might get hurt while using a toy box bench. Let’s start from the bottoms up, beginning with the differences between toy boxes and box benches.

First of all, a toy box bench is more versatile, as it serves an additional purpose – it could be used as a miniature bench and be sat upon. Apart from that, it does the exact same job like a regular toy box.

Now that might not mean much from a parent’s (or generally adult’s) view point, but we’ve all been kids once – the things that little eyes perceive are completely different when viewed through the eyes of a grownup.

The addition of resting handles and back support are only the beginning – there are toy box bench models that have “fun” painted all over. For instance, Boy’s All Star Sports Toy Box Bench features a neat little chalkboard table which could be used for all sorts of make-believe (or actual) games.

Different toy box wood finishings

Basically, there’s a big difference between a color type and a finish. While the color simply implies the use of paint over a toy box, the story with the finish is a bit more complex, hence significantly different.

A toy box finish basically represents a special form of color finish which are unobtainable by conventional means – these colors will react differently when used on different types of wood, but most of them resemble wood colors in their essence. Now, let’s discuss the types of finishes you could choose.

You’ll always be able to stick with what you see – this is the “natural” option. Next up is the honey oak, which is somewhere in between the orange, mild brown, and natural.

The espresso is a bit darker, and it will suit the darker furniture pieces the best – you should consider it if your toy box for kids is in the living room (for any reason). As opposed to espresso, there’s the white finish. It’s a bit whiter than the actual white color.

Your other, mellow-like options include the linen, pink, lavender, and unfinished (check the “unfinished toy boxes” section). Regardless of the finish you choose, each option we offer is there so that you can customize the toy box for your child more easily.

What are Amish toy boxes?

Amish Toy Boxes are, basically, toy boxes made by actual Amish people. You might be wondering “so what’s the big deal? What makes these toy boxes so special?” and both questions are totally legit. Now, we could hardly give you a one-sided answer without pointing or highlighting at least several reasons why Amish Toy Boxes are, perhaps, better than ordinary, conventional models.

First of all, Amish people are famous for their handiness – it goes without saying that their craftsmanship greatly surpasses that of a standard handyman, woodworker, or such.

What’s more, most Amish people are simple men and women by nature, so their toy boxes are plain as well. Some kids tend to like fancy-looking boxes, but what really captivates their attention is the usefulness of the box itself – a plain-looking box will remain bare, unscarred by cosmetics kids might, or might not like.

Their imagination will do everything that needs to be done, and you can rest assured that Amish toy boxes offer a great platform for such creativity. Secondly, toy boxes made by Amish people aren’t nearly as expensive as conventional, mainstream toy boxes.

Basically, these respectable folk have honed and perfected their craft over decades, maybe even centuries, and they don’t need the bleeding-edge technology to make something as simple as a wooden box for kids.

Amish Toy Box

Keep your room clean with kids storage furniture

Even though we’re primarily concerned with kids toy boxes, there’s plenty of similar items you’ll find in our fine assortment of goods. For instance, we offer a premium, although humble, selection of high-quality storage furniture intended for kids clothing, toys, and similar items.

So, what exactly is storage furniture? Basically, those are more versatile item compartments than plain toy boxes – some feature several drawers, like Nantucket’s Toy Storage Bench while you’ll also be able to satisfy your child’s needs for abundant toy storage with the Wall Storage Unit.

Even though there are only a couple of items on the menu, we intend to expand it with plenty of quality storage furniture models in near future, so don’t forget to check back every once in a while.

Now, while you’re here, let’s talk a bit about the benefits storage furniture could give you. For starters, storage furniture units are as spacious as big toy boxes, only they’re not as unwieldy and don’t take up as much space. On the other hand, you’ll find that our storage furniture pieces are as affordable as any regular toy box. In essence, we’ve had your convenience in mind when we manufactured these storage furniture models.

When do black toy boxes look good in a home

Generally, black is a universal color, which means that black toy boxes will fit just right virtually in every furniture setup. Now, there are just a couple exceptions from this rule.

If the room you intended to put the box in is filled with multiple bright colors, then our personalized black toy box will most certainly stand out, which could be positive or negative, depending on how you perceive it.

On the other hand, black toy boxes tend to be plain (as in “without numerous graphics”), so you shouldn’t place them in rooms with too many posters, if the walls are used to teach your kid painting, and such. Apart from that, the black will simply add to the elegance of the room, hence it’s perfect in all other situation.

Black toy box

Final food for thought when choosing a toy box

Buying a toy box is a wonderful experience – you’ll simply get the feeling that your little one is getting another little buddy.

Know that your child will use the toy box more than the toys – we’ve made sure that our models appeal to children in numerous ways, so each “piece of furniture” is filled with a piece of heart and soul of our craftsmen. When choosing a box, just remember that it’s not for you, it’s for the child.

Pay attention to the colors your child responds the best, personalize the box so as to provide a boost in your kid’s education, and finally, pick the right type – our menu is comprised of dozens of toy box types, and you’ll easily find what you’re looking for by simply browsing through our catalogue.

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